vSente's Campaigner certification is coveted by marketers who are looking for tangible evidence of their ability to execute effective and accountable advertising and marketing campaigns. In order to gain your Campaigner certification a marketer must:

1. Complete the two-day Campaigner Workshop.

2. Successfully complete a 10 question essay test demonstrating their proficiency with the tools found in vSente's Armory.

3. Utilize the One-Page Plan of Campaign for an actual campaign. The certification candidate must submit their completed One-Plan of Campaign as evidence of their proficiency.

Upon successfully completing the above steps the candidate will be issued vSente's Campaigner certification. They then have the right to identity themselves as a "Certified Campaigner" on their personal web site, blog, CV, resume or other professional qualifications document.

Additionally the successful candidate can display the Campaigner logo all professional documents, web sites or blogs.

vSente maintains a data base of all certified Campaigners and upon request of the Campaigner will release the results of their essay test and/or One-Page Plan of Campaign to prospective employers or clients as proof of their certification.
What is a Campaign Engine? A campaigning methodology that orchestrates a fusion of human creativity and Web 2.0 technology resulting in effective and accountable advertising and marketing campaigns.

Campaign Engines utilize maneuver theory to generate competitive advantage. Our methodology calibrates customer, competitor and competency in a manner that allows campaigners to shape the battle to their advantage and the disadvantage of their competition. The methodology is influenced by Sun Tzu, John Boyd and Michael Porter.

vSente has created and published a significant body of work describing the application of maneuver theory to marketing and advertising. This body of work is contained in an library of campaigning resources called vSente’s ARMORY - the online resource for the competitive marketer which introduces new thinking, approaches and techniques to the process of competitive marketing.

CAMPAIGNER CERTIFICATIONS FOR AGENCIES AND CONSULTANCIES. vSente offers the Campaigner Certification to agencies and consultancies. This certification includes a limited license to resell the campaigning methodology to clients and customers. Requirements to gain this certification include attending a workshop, demonstration of proficiency, payment of an annual licensing fee and recurring training. Our next agency workshop will be in September 2007. Email us for more information.

INTERESTED IN GAINING THE CAMPAIGNER CERTIFICATION? Below are several more resources that offer further insight into vSente and our campaigning methodology.

Case Study: From $10 Million a Month to $50 Million a Month in 60 Days... How Maneuver Marketing Accelerated Revenues and Dislodged the Industry Leader.

Art of Attack Briefing - How to Wage and Win Battles for Market Share. This is a 12-page PDF brief explaining how maneuver theory can be used to dislodge an industry leader.

Blog: Our blog, The Journal For Competitive Marketing, contains more than 500 entries related to campaigning and competitive marketing.

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